Adventure of Guthix in Runescape

It was in middle age, there was a beautiful village, lots of simple and honest people were diligently farming there, however, they always had to suffer Runescape Gold hunger.

One day, a farmer, Guthix, said to his wife: “I want to leave this terrible village, I can’t bear any more. ”

His wife smiled and said, ” If you leave here, where do you want to go? And what about our kids, there are teenage, they need food, I know you are tired all day, but we indeed have no choice. ”

Guthix was disappointed, but he insisted.
“Dear, we can start life by ourselves, I can fish, farm, smith and hunter. We can live on ourselves. ”

The wife held her tongue. She loved her husband so much, and she knew he need her to support him. After thinking for several minutes, she nodded.

After the negotiation, Guthix and his wife started to make plan for their movement. Food and water was definitely necessary, Guthix thought, what’s more important, they should bring seeds and some basic tools to make living.

Luckily, it was autumn, many kinds of plants had had fruit, in addition, the annual harvest festival was a month later, so every family were preparing for it. Guthix was not the exception. He concealed some seeds of different plants secretly everyday. This year was a good year, the landlord was quite happy, everyday he gave some meat to child for each Runescape 3 Gold family. Even so, when Guthix determined to leave, he never trusted this hypocritical behaviour was rewarding for his hardworking and he knew the real aim was cultivating some strong teenage working for him next year. He asked his wife to save some meat and drought off for the moving plan.

After a month’s preparation, at the night of harvest celebration. The landlord and people in the village went to the square. It was very noisy. The moon was bright and clean. It was a perfect time for this family moving. Guthix carried some bags of food that the landlord gave him as reward for harvest of this year, and his wife took some water and grabbed his three kids.

Drawing on sweet night, they set out.

It was really hard, the climb mountains and went a long way. Four days passed, non food was left.
And one of his son’s leg was broken.

They came to a place that was blank, no village, no houses, no people. Guthix decided to settle down, even though maybe they will die in this deserted place.

Guthix found a river to fish, and his wife started to make Runescape 2007 Gold fire to cook. His eldest son looked for the herb to cure his little brother. In the late afternoon, Guthix carried three fishes for his wife to cook and his son succeeded to find herb for treatment. Everything was going well this night. They enjoyed a deep sleep and a fond dream
What would go on on this peaceful land, What kind of challenges will Guthix suffer in Runescape?

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