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Age of Wulin is an epic free to play MMORPG set in Imperial China, which revolves around the lore and practice of Chinese martial arts within the Wuxia universe. Gamers can join eight different sects, each with their own unique style of combat, and experience deep character development. Players will not be bound by traditional level systems, but will instead have the freedom to choose how they want to master their character by acquiring skills. Freedom of choice is a theme that runs throughout Age of Wulin as players can choose professions and whether they wish to live good, evil, or in between. The choices made will ultimately determine many different outcomes and provide for a personalized story, which is unique for every player. Age of Wulin will offer a unique MMORPG experience in a gigantic open world, including ground breaking new PvP and PvE features, such as guild warfare mass PvP battles for up to 1,300 players.

Part of the PvP system is also group and faction-based warfare: Additionally to the 1,300-player guild-vs-guild PvPs, there’s also the opportunity to see sects, the factions in Age of Wulin, fighting against each other. These battles can turn out to be pretty massively, too, allowing up to 760 players (300 members + 80 supporters per sect) to take part in one conflict.
When sects start to combat each other, players fight for precious rewards, such as powerful buffs that will affect all members of the winning sect, and personal reputation, score and rank benefits.

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