Albion Online Looks Like An Old Good Warcraft

If you are interested in sandbox gameplay, and are fond of its freedom gameplay style, then you surely must know Albion Online. The game looks like an old good Warcraft 3, the mechanics of the game a bit Ultima Online. Gamers can free to create items, including craft, gather, conquer lands, build your own house and more.


The most noteworthy is that the game is scheduled to launched on some platforms such as Windows, Linux, Android, Tablet or PC. U4GM has been updated a lot hottest news and guides, you can head over to here:

Game features include a player-driven economy that includes item and building crafting, village building, and transportation, full-loot rights world PvP, a territory control system, and a rock-paper-scissors combat system. There are no classes in Albion Online. You class is determined by the items you are wearing. In addition, you can combine any item with each other. There are no boundaries.

Albion Online is a gameplay that cross platform & one massive world. Every player in Albion Online plays on one master server. Items and resources can only be bought from other players by using albion online gold, U4GM serve as the best gold supplier, ensuring that meet your any expectations and needs.

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