Amulet of glory Teleports outside of Edgeville bank

Amulet of glory – Teleports outside of Edgeville bank.

Combat bracelet – Teleports to the Monastery near Edgeville.

Canoe – Canoe from Lumbridge, Champions’ Guild, or Gunnarsgrunn.

Edgeville Lodestone Teleport – Teleports to Edgeville slightly north west of the Soul wars portal.

Paddewwa Teleport – An Ancient Magicks spell that teleports the player into the Edgeville Dungeon, just a few steps away.

Skull sceptre – Teleports a player inside Gunnarsgrunn, just south ofEdgeville, via the Invoke option.

Fairy ring – Code D-K-R gets the player to the other side of the river, where it is a 15-second walk from there.

Varrock teleport gets players a fair distance away. Players will walk for about a minute. However, if the player has completed at least the easyVarrock Tasks, they can talk to the NPC that returns their lost armour to them (Rat Burgiss for the Easy Diary) and when the player casts Varrock Teleport they will teleport to the Grand Exchange, where they can use the level 21 agility shortcut and walk to the portal from there.

Players who have completed Nomad’s Requiem can change their respawn point to Soul Wars, and then die.

If you can use spirit trees, take one to the Grand Exchange and then take agility shortcut under the Grand Exchange wall which requires 21 Agility.

Please note that you CANNOT get to Soul Wars via Mobilising Armies (You can, however, use the Mobilising Armies spirit tree).

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