Are You Ready Ror More FIFA Street TO Exhibite FIFA15’Glamour

EA has done many things and thinks about the game conjuring memories of utter joy, but frustration is in equal measure. That frustration caused mostly by a couple of design decisions which left me, and many others for once, speechless. So bugs and glitches are one thing, but self-inflicted pain is something else entirely.


The firstly, a unbelievable decision which restricted online game modes to our custom street teams only, not real licensed clubs. Explained by EA as a way to ‘increase variety’ as opposed to everyone using Real Madrid and Barcelona; like they do anyway. FIFA Street in reality was fairly well licensed, so that variety EA were so concerned about preserving was fully available, they simply chose not to trust us with it.

The secondly, being the inexplicable absence of FIFA Street’s two most interesting game modes, Panna and Last Man Standing which yet again weren’t available online. Why EA, WHY? All the hard work to put those modes and the licensing together had been done, and both of these absent features then went on to hugely damage FIFA Street’s longevity. A shame of the highest magnitude.


It wasn’t all a bed of roses on the pitch though with my main pet hate being the EA dubbed ‘tackle backs’ which saw disposed attackers repeatedly able to pick-up the loose balls you’d just legitimately dislodged and then re-attack you over and over. It was more a niggle than anything and nothing a little balancing couldn’t sort out I’m sure, but it did ever so slightly taint what was overall, a very well polished first stab at street realism from EA.

And it was all captured within some truly stunning locales and vistas spanning the entire globe. All of which were backed up by FIFA Streets other shining star, World Tour mode. Which although a little repetitive in its structure was a real joy to play through with your rabble of self-created street stars. You really felt like you were on a journey from zero to hero at times, and it was that which kept me going with FIFA Street as opposed to the otherwise constricted game modes online.


Football gaming as a whole needs Street’s variety I think because beyond the yearly FIFA 15 decision, it brings something truly different and fresh to the party regardless of your allegiance. It isn’t for everyone, but in a sea of repeated bugs, glitches and imbalance, FIFA Street is just plain old fun and worthy of its space on store shelves alongside the elite.

And if EA do ever decide revive it yet again, maintaining that gritty more realistic edge. I for one would welcome it back with open arms.And look at to acquaint more about FIFA15.

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