Basic token refers to Cheap GW2 Gold and kumar

Guild wars 2 chief designer Isaiah Cartwright recently accepted the American magazine Forbes telephone Cartwright in game currency system reform with Guild wars 2 Gold and the development of small and medium-sized conference on issues such as, do a detailed interpretation and outlook. Guild wars 2 since the past for a period of time and redo the reward system achievement system and daily system and added new crown scrip.

We found that when the players a team, they can be unimaginable speed of brush lines and a variety of achievement, which makes their game experience greatly shorten the time. We don’t want to let players because the brush gear and spend more time on the games, so they developed a variety of other patterns.The general direction is, increase the player’s rewards, balance their time and reward.
Now a copy of the 5 patterns is a multiple-choice, as long as any 5 can be finished. If you don’t like to play copy, copy can choose not to complete daily tasks.Complete daily would probably take 20 to 30 minutes, can allow players to experience all kinds of content to play in the game, but also map of a mixture of different scenes. Current daily model has been quite perfect.

About 15 kinds of tokens, divided into tokens, and special tokens. Basic token refers to Cheap GW2 Gold and kumar, crown, special tokens are mainly different copies of the brand. Each copy to sign, to prove that he has played in the copy.Different tokens are used to distinguish different players, if they want to get some kind of game rewards, must go through to buy this kind of game tokens.
We have such a plan, is for players to get some tokens in the early stages of a qualification, to a certain limit, only by doing activities related to unlock, so early the role of the brush will have effect.

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