Beastiary Sets Perfect Map when Leaving the Game – PoE

A Jurassic Park style map run by Einhar Frey where its just a larger rundown menagerie (using the same assets they already made) filled with yellow / red beasts with a randomly chosen First One as the boss. It gives players a chance to find the Beastiary uniques and experience the beast mechanics that are actually quite fun without the pressure to catch them. Today, take a look at the player’s view of the map:

poe map

1. So like a safari zone unique map?

I mean they could make the menagerie its own separate optional end game area and re-use existing tile sets. Make it similar to the atlas where you unlock areas to find different beasts…

But would that be worth the dev time? How many people would realistically engage with that?

2. Honestly, id rather see Einherjergy end up as a master and his mission is to capture the yellow/red beast on the map you are on. doesnt appear until maps like zana. That way people can skip him entirely or just kill the beasts and move on.

3. I think having him introduced in act 1 is a bit much all at once, but I also think waiting until maps is way too late, personally. Why not act 6? That’s when abyss gets introduced as well; things go crazy, and this equally crazy brave man begins capturing stupid beasts because of it.

4. I would absolutely love this idea. I liked everything about the menagerie and crafting… just hated catching the beasts and not having enough slots, and then not having the correct mods…

The unique armor sets are too good not to include in the game in some form. Do you want to poe currency buy? If you do, you can visit U4GM to have more guides and methods about this.

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