Benzema and Ozil: new star of TOTW

Here comes a new Team of the Week package on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team mode, which will give players more choice and improve Ultimate Team performance. It is really necessary to release this package, because the January transfer window has closed already, Ultimate Team needs some new blood actually.

The biggest star of the pack is Benzema, the attacker from Real Madrid who is often overshadowed by Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo but is the reason for much of his team’s success.

The attacking line is made up of another two players, Menez and Quagliarella, both solid choices.

The midfield again features four big stars, with Mesut Ozil on the left, Cabella on the right, and De Bruyne and Rafinha holding down the midfield.

new star, TOTW,

There are three defenders featured in the FIFA 15 Team of the Week: Williams, Diego Figueiras and Pereira.

The goalkeeper, an often overlooked but crucial part of any solid team, is Iraizos.

Gamers can always pick up a full complement of reserves, most of whom will probably end up on the market in order to get access to more funds that can in turn be used to acquire better first team stars.
FIFA 15 has all the winter transfers already implemented

January is done and that means real world clubs have already spent their money in order to secure players that can help them reach their objectives in the coming months.

All the roster changes have already been included in FIFA 15 by the developers at EA Sports, meaning that Cuadrado can now be used in the first eleven of Chelsea and that other players can also perform for their actual teams.

new star, TOTW,

The developers have long resisted calls from the community to introduce another patch to tweak gameplay and it is entirely possible that this version of the game will be the one the community will play for the coming months.

It is very important for EA Sport to retain all his fans and continue to play the game, which brings them a lot of money!

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