Characters Role Creation And Gathering Resources In Albion Online

There is no reason if a game sucks you in. Albion Online boldly breaks away from several staples long established within the MMO genre, it bring a new kind of gaming experience, character stats and experience points do not exist within in the world of Albion, what’s more, all characters have the same base stats once they remove their gear regardless of how long the character has been played. You can act now by buying more cheap albion online gold buy from


Characters in Albion acquire fame, and the more fame a character has, the better equipment they can wear. Both stats and abilities are acquired by putting on gear, which has given rise to a unique “you are what you wear” system. This system is incredibly flexible and has resulted in all kinds of imaginative gear combinations. Mages in plates, Claymore wielders in leather armor, and crossbowmen with shields are not at all uncommon in the world of Albion.

Resources in-game is extremely significant, since Albion Online is entirely player driven. Sandbox Interactive is still seeking the right balance to keep resources scarce enough to be in high demand, while preventing gathering from being too high risk and time consuming. By the way, currency in-game is matter to any gamers, hence, how to the option of best supplier of albion online gold? is your wisest choice.

Because there are no NPCs who sell weapons or armor, all gear must be crafted by players, and there is a high demand for players who can provide the highest tier resources, as well as those who can craft those resources into the best armor, weapons and accessories. One of the more compelling features about Albion Online is that it has found a way to keep the resources beginners have access to relevant and valuable. Albion Online soon to be released on July 17th, more details, recommend visit official website:

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