Come Up With Your General Concept You Get For PoE 3.3 League Start

In Path of Exile, what general concept you got for your 3.3 League start? Patch notes aren’t out and we have to see how things change but let’s be real, maybe you already got something in your mind. I’ll maybe do LL Dark Pact Occultist (non crit). Take a look at the players’ ideas:

1. “I think DP totems are way stronger. Self-cast lacks AoE iirc. You can figure out ways around that though, I’m sure. But totems just deal so much more damage and you can just drop three of them and walk away from/wither a boss who will die in like a second.”

Path of Exile

2. “I did Glacial Hammer in Bestiary. The DPS was nuts and easy to scale, but the skill itself was boring af and probably contributed to why I quit the league as early as I did.”

3. “I loved played traps and kept coming back to them with different variations. So with Traps getting love, I’m doing that.”

4. “Kind of want to do a lightning trap trickster thing but i have no idea if that would work, if there’s gear to support it or even if trickster would be a useful ascendancy for it.”

5. “I just want to play a witch with good clearspeed but I only play summoners so I don’t know what else is good. Minions are great but I doubt I’d be able to do incursions successfully (fast enough) at first.”

6. “I did a LL self cast Dark Pact Occultist last league and it was amazing. my favorite build i’ve made so far. Just a blast to play. The only thing I would say about it is it’s a bit expensive. even just getting your Shavs can be a bit of a hump to get over really early in the league. I would 10/10 recommend it as a build but maybe not as a league starter just because of the cost to get it really going strong.”

What do you guys think? Bear in mind that having enough poe exalted orb is not a bad things for you.

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