Daily achievements are various tasks

You can keep track of your progress in the various achievements in Guild Wars 2 by opening your hero screen by hitting [H] on the keyboard. Then go down and click on the achievement tab on the left side of the screen and the numerous categories of achievements will be shown. Just select which type of achievement you wish to see and the individual achievements for that category will be displayed.

Daily Achievements

Daily achievements are various tasks that you will be rewarded if you complete them within a single day. The tasks are reset every day. There are four types of daily achievements for players in Guild Wars 2.

  • Daily Kills – This is for the number of enemy creatures you kill in a single day.
  • Daily Kill Variety – This is determined by the different creature types you defeat in a single day. An example would be if you killed some centaurs, a few harpies, and lots of bandits would count as three different varieties.
  • Daily Gatherer – Obviously this represents the number of crafting resources (wood, ore, food) that you gather per day.
  • Daily Events – This achievement is for the number of dynamic events that you participate in each day as you travel through Tyria. Not only does doing the events reward you for participating in them, but they count towards your daily total.

Gathering crafting materials gains an extra perk with the gathering and salvaging achievements. Personally, I’ll have the most problems with the WvW achievement as that I have the reflexes of an arthritic three-toed sloth. Plus, the achievement system gives a sense of reward and accomplishment to the player as the game seems to say, “You did this awesome feat!”

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