Dynamic events in Guild Wars 2 can trigger additional events.

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There are a number of different types of dynamic events. These can range from helping a NPC gather materials to escorting a merchant caravan to a neighboring town to helping defend an area from invaders. The actions needed to complete a dynamic event in Guild Wars 2 varies depending upon the event itself, such as is the case for completing Renown Hearts.

In one dynamic event, you might be defending a fort from centaur invaders whilst a few minutes later in a different dynamic event, you might be escorting a little girl who fell down a hole into a volcanic cave safely back home. Each dynamic event has a NPC associated with it that you can talk for background information of the event

There are two key features of dynamic events in Guild Wars 2. The first is that the dynamic event will scale according to the number of players present. If more players participate in the dynamic event, that event will become more difficult by making enemy monsters tougher, increasing their number, or giving them new abilities to use. By using a scaling progression, these events are playable from one or two people all the way up to a large mob.

The second key feature of dynamic events is that you don’t have to group with other players to participate or get rewarded. As long as you’re participating in the event itself, you will get rewarded for your effort. This shared goal of completing the event allows players to work together without going through the hassle of officially grouping up. In addition, the players don’t need to successfully complete a dynamic event to get rewarded. If you fail an event, you will still gain a reward, but not as much as you would receive if you had successfully completed the event.

Dynamic events in Guild Wars 2 can trigger additional events. One such example takes place at Triskell Quay in the Kessex Hills. The first dynamic event has you defending the town from monsters intent on enslaving the townspeople. Once you’ve driven the invaders off, another dynamic event occurs where you have to swim out to the middle of the lake and rescue captured townspeople. Some dynamic events are one-and-done, while others can trigger a whole chain of new events.

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