Exploring this was difficult of Guild Wars 2

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While playing during the preview event I was with a group of players and developers, and they immediately started tackling a dynamic event at the shore to clear the karkas there. I was having none of that group stuff however, and headed the other direction west around the map. The archipelago-esque shore quickly gives way to a maze of caverns on the west of the map. Dense coral like structures rise from the sea with many nooks and crannies to explore.

I will say exploring this was difficult. The mobs I encountered ranged from Reef Riders breeze riders with mohawks, drakes and their brood mothers, skales, and of course karkas. They weren’t as tightly packed as the risen in Orr tend to be, and I didn’t notice any pull effects like those infernal Subjugators have, so that’s a relief. But the main impediment to travel was the density of events, which made the zone very lively and very chaotic to explore. I didn’t go very far between locations without seeing a dynamic event spawn, sometimes two.

Karka come in three flavors that I found. Hatchlings are easy and like little half life 2 head crabs. If they get near you they will latch onto your face and back and apply un-cleanse-able conditions to you. The most I had on me at one time was 3, i’m not sure if you can obtain more. Young karka’s are slightly larger but didn’t put up too much threat to my level 80 Mesmer. The Real baddies though are the Veteran karka.

The veterans have strong leg armor that they gain as they grow up from younglings. This armor essentially gives them 2 health bars. As the first bar depletes you’ll see the leg armor chip away actually deteriorate. Once that health bar drops, it will refill and you’ll be left fighting a now naked, armorless, veteran karka. These fights can be very difficult, as the veterans have very strong aoe and roll attacks.

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