FIFA 15 is in the collision detection

The FIFA 15  universe is a large one, so you obviously won’t see every player’s authentic head. However, you should have realistic versions of most of your favorites.

The facial renders are good, but for some reason, they seem just a bit beneath the level of accuracy and sharpness presented in the aforementioned games. Don’t get me wrong—the players look really good, but the bar has been raised significantly in this area as of late.

That said, it’s easy to see how improving the player frames might wind up being the next aspect of the models to get a boost moving forward. As for the surroundings of the players, the various stadiums and venues are rendered quite nicely and especially in the Premier League, where every stadium has been accurately captured.

The excellent lighting really does a great job bringing shadows into play and causing each field to look differently.

While the new renders and other goodies are nice, the best part about FIFA 15’s visual appeal is its animations and when you have  FIFA 15 Coins to play,you will get  ecperience.There’s seemingly an endless amount of physical reactions to the most subtle and skeletal-shaking collisions.

Players colliding has never looked so good. The physics goodness is not limited to player-on-player sequences. The roll of the ball on the grass and the sight of blades of grass rising and falling appropriately during close-ups is pretty.While there’s room for sharpening up the visuals in a few instances, the vast majority of the graphical package is above average.

Gameplay and Realism

Easily, the biggest improvement made in FIFA 15 is in the collision detection. Every touch, brush, shirt pull, carom and slide matters.

One of the most gratifying things that can happen in a sports video game is when a play finishes and you look at the replay and can clearly see that everything that transpired in a makes sense.

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