FIFA 20 Heading Tips for Number 1 Rule

ALWAYS use the shoot button to head the ball when contesting against an opposition player, if you want to win the majority of your headers. Trying to use the pass button when an opposition attacker is challenging for the header, is only going to increase the strikers chance of winning the header which will result in you losing the challenge or flicking the ball towards your own goal. Use the pass button to win the header when no strikers are challenging as this will help you retain possession of the ball, which is better for building your attacks.

Number 1 Rule

When defending headers in and around the area, U4GM FIFA 20 Coins Marketing ALWAYS use the shoot button. This eliminates any silly mistakes, and then your job is to win the second ball. More often than not a header will land at least 30-40 yards from goal so even if they do win the ball, then you have the chance to set up again and defend the next attack. That is undoubtedly better than losing a header in the box, leaving the opposition with a good chance of scoring? See our advanced heading tips later in the guide for more tips here

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