Final Fantasy XIV General Leveling Guide & Tips

Before there is a question if this your first character? If yes, then the ultimate advice would be to follow your story quest keep in mind don’t stress out too much about random side quests. The main point is try to discover the different methods to build your character’s levels. The side quest will give the most bang for you buck in terms of time/exp, next to story quests. They’re also present anywhere you’re doing story quest. So pick them up. Do not linger in a zone to complete side quests. Once your story takes you elsewhere, go.

Final Fantasy XIV General Leveling Guide & Tips

Let’s take a look about the instruction about each steps below.

– The quests of the epic (main story) 
– Secondary quests 
– The bestiary 
– The ALEAs 
– The mandates 
– The guild operations 
– The dungeons 
– The Palace of the Dead 
– The random casters

If you mount your first job, then it will be obvious that following the epic is your # 1 priority . This will give you a great amount of experience and will unlock most of the dungeons you will have to go through in history. You can also take some side quests on the passage, especially if your level begins to be near or below the level required to continue the epic. If you are on a second job and you have already completed the epic, do not hesitate to travel to the areas to do the ancestral quests you may have left.

The bestiary is a good way to earn an experience bonus up to level 50 . Each job has its own bestiary so do not forget to go kill the enemies of your level slot. This function disappears unfortunately from level 50, with the Heavensward extension.

The ALEAs are a must for FFXIV and you will come across them at every level. This is one of the most profitable xp ways provided you successfully chain them correctly . Although very profitable, this way of doing things remains very boring after a while.

The mandates are to be seen as an experience bonus , to finish a desired level for example. They use your stock of warrant authorizations that slowly regenerate each day (6 per day) up to a maximum of 100. This method is set aside for the leveling of combat jobs for its lack of profitability

The guild operations are similar to the bestiary. They serve as a tutorial for new players and offer a pretty good experience bonus when they do it the first time. You can get this bonus once for each job, so do not hesitate to make them from level 10 onwards.

The dungeons are the basis of the PvE and they will rhythm your daily life . You will go through the dungeons of history during your epic quests and have the opportunity to chain some of them to level up very efficiently . If you are healer or tank, do not hesitate and use the dungeon tool to enter quickly without having to suffer queues.

The Palace of the Dead is the best current method to climb to level 60 . The ability to enter quickly without having to worry about your role or level makes this tool a great ally during your leveling.

The dungeon rollers allow you to make random dungeons of different types each day by receiving a daily bonus. It is possible to participate in different roulettes: low level roulette (available at level 16), roulette 50-60 (available at level 50), roulette challenge (available at level 50 and roulette scenario (available at level 50) .

Make its wheels every day is, by far, the most cost effective way to gain experience.

Hope the above tips and tricks will help you to level up quickly and have fun in game. If there anything I missed, welcome to add it in the comments. By the way our website provide legit and cheapest gil, if you are interested just click here to learn more.



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