Get Armor to Earn Runescape Money

The combat triangle is a vividly complex and functional diagram which can show your fight style how strong or weak when fighting against others. When you wear armor during combat, you may get defense XP and train Defense. Since armor comes in different sharps and forms for various classes, it can give player a variety of skills bonuses. If you have pretty much runescape money, you can buy armor as good as you can. Good armor can protect you from damage that opponents have less possibilities to do on you during combat. If possible, you need to find best armor that suit for your characters. So if you want to get good and rarest armors, you need to buy rs gold or earn as much as Runescape Gold as you can.

Good weapons are required if you want to get the best rarest armor. There are several ways to get good weapons, such as buy from GE, other stores, or trade with players. Therefore, rs gold is relatively important if you want to win in a combat.

Go to Al-Kharid and kill 10 players there. When the tenth player dies, you will get a red clue scroll which is the so-called Scroll of Satan. Then you need to find a broken code to the scroll. When you kill a certain number of ghosts and demons, the Satan will appear. Satan Oracle Armor can be sold for more than 200M gp for each part and it is worthy of 600M gp in total. Therefore, if you want to make money from selling runescape gold, collecting Satan Oracle Armor is a perfect choice.

Sometimes, you may find a full set of armor can provide special effects, which makes the armor more useful and you can earn more defense bonuses. Take an example, barrows armor set can give you special effect.

The Satan Oracle Armor can be used for both free players and members. So you may need not to buy rs accounts to join members. But normally, members are willing to pay more money than free players. I think collecting Satan Oracle Armor can train your defense and give you more chance to win in battle. What’s more, if you sell it, you can earn a lot of rs money. This is definitely a good way to earn gold.

If you think you don’t reach the level that you can get the Satan Oracle Armor, you can buy from other players or from online sites. But firstly make sure you have enough runescape money if trade with players.

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