Get Your Own Holiday Quaggan Mini

Need a little more quaggan in your life? If you’ve collected any three of the new Wintersday minis from the Wintersday Mystery Boxes, you can use the Mystic Forge to transform them into the coveted Wintersday baby quaggan mini!

New Wintersday Mystery Box

It’s a grab-bag of holiday goodness! We’ve loaded each Wintersday Mystery Box with a random assortment of presents like special tonics, dyes, and a Festive Hat. Each box may contain one of three new Wintersday minis or a Wintersday weapon skin ticket, which you can exchange for a weapon skin of your choice from yours truly, Evon Gnashblade.




This year we’re introducing a festive arsenal of ten new Wintersday weapon skins – everything from pistols to greatswords! You can get your Wintersday weapon skins at the Gem Store or, with a little luck, by finding a Wintersday weapon skin ticket inside the Wintersday chest!




Available now in the Gem Store!

These special Wintersday items will only be available until January 3, 2013, so don’t delay! Just press “O” to access the Gem Store. From all of us here at the Black Lion Trading Company: happy Wintersday!






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