Guardian Flames Virtue of Justice in Guild Wars 2

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Virtue is the unique profession mechanic for the guardian and is rather simple to understand. The guardian gets three virtues, located above their weapon skills, that provide passive benefits until activated for a greater effect. Much like a signet, once activated, the passive benefit goes on cooldown and won’t be available until the cooldown expires.

Virtue of Justice is both simple and complex. Passively, it grants burning for 1 second every fifth hit (skills that hit multiple times grant multiple charges). The effect has no passive cooldown and burning stacks on an enemy, so you can deal some serious damage quickly. The activation effect grants 5 seconds of burning to you and your nearby allies on their next attack, going on cooldown for 30 seconds.

Flames indicate how many attacks you’ve made, the brighter the flames, the closer you are to causing burning with your next attack.

There will rarely be a time to use this virtue whenever you’re not in a group, unless you’re about to be downed (the 5 seconds of burning can be help finish an enemy off). In a group (or with lots of allies nearby), activating this virtue will grant a massive spike in damage, worth well more than what you can do by yourself.

For this virtue, save its activation until you’re going to be downed or when you’re near a large group of players (who are actively attacking).
Virtues can be instantly recharged with the elite skill Renewed Focus. The virtue trait line also provides many benefits, including lowering virtue cooldown times and increased boon duration.

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