Guild Wars 2 always seem to have something unexpected up its sleeve

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Our last ghostly encounter takes place in the Sparkfly Fen zone. Players will come across a group of asuran scholars at Fort Cadence. Their chief scholar, Scholar Yorix, will have a dynamic event that the players can start. It seems that Yorix has constructed a machine that he can use to free ghostly pirates and have them work on behalf of the forces of good. All he asks is that the player provides escort as he and his team enter the Shattered Keep to use his device.

This dynamic event is pretty fun. There are lots of ghost pirates to fight, as well as ghost cannons. What really spices it up is the running commentary by Yorix. He is incredibly pompous and his dialog is very funny to listen to.Once you’ve finished escorting Yorix and his team into the Shattered Keep, you’ll get rewarded for the event and another event will spawn.

This time around, you’ll have to defend Yorix as he sets up his machine. You’ll fight off several waves of ghost pirates and then Yorix’s machine will work and the ghost pirate captain will be freed. The event will end and Yorix, his team, and the ghost pirate captain will leave. You can follow them out, but there’s no reward for doing so. I would recommend running over to the skill challenge located a few feet away from where the event ended.

Hopefully, these chilling encounters with the ghostly denizens of Tyria will help get you in the mood for Halloween. Not be missed is the Halloween event for Guild Wars 2, Shadow of the Mad King. Keep your eyes open as you adventure because you’ll never know what you’ll come across. The world of Guild Wars 2 always seem to have something unexpected up its sleeve.

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