Guild Wars 2 game:More factions of guides for officers is on the list of updating

As we all know, Guild Wars 2 is a game full of creation for MMORPG, which made us think more about what players are thinking about with our own character as well.As for the question of Guild Quests, it’s up to the guild itself. Any of the guild masters or guild officers would be able to active the guild quests for their guild members, said Colin Johanson, and also, you could gain different rewards according to the guild quests you have completed (details were shared on before on our site news).

More factions of guides for officers is on the list of updating…. There would be more content to be added in the future for sure to make this game stay playable for most of players. And also cooperation among guilds might be possible in Guild wars 2 in the future to help Guild Wars 2 Gold players to communicate with each other to enjoy more of the game.

Though we were in level 20 now, and the monster was in level 24, but it still in a higher level, we should be careful. It was obvious that the monster had greater ability of defense and attack. I found that they moved by group as all of the monsters in Guild Wars 2. We faced three monsters at the same time.

As we can see in the pictures about Flame&Frost, there was a horse, I am sure most of you got the same idea as I did, “there would be mounts in Guild Wars 2 in the future!” didn’t you? However, it was denied by Colin Johanson, Cheap GW2 Gold.Chief Designer of Guild Wars 2. There isn’t much meanings to have mounts in Tyria, as travelling is so easy there, still there might be something more funny and unique matched Guild Wars 2 updated as soon as we get, said Colin.

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