Guild Wars 2 is Named the Top Video Game of 2012 by Time

Do you know what’s the best video game of 2012? If you pay your attention to Time magazine, or you are reading the headline of this article, cases are that you will know the answer.Time’s website counted down this year’s top 10 video games, and Guild Wars 2is honored to be the top of the list.

The author seems taken with the game’s dynamic event system: “All those events and hundreds more play out in real-time — with, as Bono would say, or without you — lending Guild Wars 2 the feel of a living world, and the sort of compulsive anywhere-you-go playability other MMOs only dream of.”

Torchlight II also made it into the list at the number 10 spot, with the author saying that it delivered the same action-RPG rush of Diablo III at a third of the price. However, if you are able to decide the top video game of 2012, which one do you think to be the top video game of 2012?


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