Guild Wars 2 Living Story bring new roles and threats

ArenaNet has been in with the background, players around the world, adding new characters to interact with everyone to allow everyone to feel a vivid world of Guild Wars 2. Huge open world will change over a period of time, many of the world so that players have a reason to come to the place played. MMO should have a role in this story makes a real RPG. Developers with a lot of Guild Wars 2 Gold to make the world a vivid fresh virtual environment.

Background perhaps it is a game people feel the most important part vivid. No background, you will not be able to build the content. Race will feel tedious task will feel bored. Your character is just a group of people in a lifeless face. Guild Wars 2 as a sequel to the original game based on the expansion of the game’s story and background. When the game is released gamers will experience the background, but for the development of the world, some of the content has changed. It should be a new crisis, the need for a new challenge for the players who went to conquer. Background is not important how much you have, because you will always want to talk much. This is the reason for the arrival of Living Story, or at least an idea.

Living Story brought new roles and new threats. Lost Coast and South Bay mystery these days the world has also increased some color. Currently Lost Coast is the largest in the content of the time, it is for the players added a whole new area to explore, but also the emergence of new enemy types. But the world has changed since then Tyria is very small, dark castles and camps in Lion’s Arch is the players can see small visual changes to the best example.

By increasing the background, allowing you to add more life right thing to do? Actually it all depends on how you added. ArenaNet has been recently published on their website stories, all these stories are related to current events. New players direct interaction looks really a threat. This is an event well into the next stage of the way, but the content does not appear in the game. Not all players will see the website regularly, so some players do not really understand what happened in the end to make the event seem so random.

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