Guild Wars 2 monster to make players unimaginable

Now began to speak first line, the first line of the difficulty lies in the final BOSS, other basic no difficulty. In the copy into before you can eat some increase fire damage resistance agent to ensure that your inventory rate, quite good, you can try. Choose copy into the line after, take two steps can see the first gold ring BOSS, the BOSS will summon a flame strange, but everyone can fully take care of him, because after death will be called, so focus fire to kill the BOSS.

After finished BOSS walked on, the road kill small monster came to the edge of the arch bridge at this time you can choose to kill the past or blunt past, GW2 Gold certainly blunt past save time by thieves, and if there is a group of stealth on the past.

More dynamic world. Many online games today to try to add dynamic world in the game, and have achieved varying degrees of success, such as WOW and crack. Thing constant in other online games, will not necessarily Guild Wars 2 constant. Guild Wars 2 monster and NPC are able to make the players unimaginable, and they do not always corpuscles. In other words, there will be no fixed NPC told you to do take the 10 boar skin tasks, because the location of the wild boar is never fixed. Instead, players often get the task is to expel the undead, or to protect the town, or rescuing the kidnapped villagers, it all depends on what things are happening all the time the world.

Making your own proprietary equipment. Guild Wars 2, players will no longer shape and properties of entangled equipment. Equipment that has a beautiful appearance, the same attributes great equipment players can combine to create an ideal exclusive equipment.

A dialogue option. Guild Wars 2 will add a whole new dialogue system, the system will track players and NPC 100 interactive record, check what attitude you with the NPC dialogue, for example, has the charisma, or noble, or rude. Ultimately, the attitude of the players dialogue will determine his personality and character. For example, if the player sustained a rude attitude and NPC dialogue, his temperament is getting worse, rogue upgrade from rude to, to the very brutal, the worst-case scenario is the dialogue option becomes: beatings fat beat this Name NPC.

Tasks can fail. Added the dynamic event system in Guild Wars 2 Gold, players made the task to produce a variety of results. If you do a task fails, the players do not need to repeatedly redo until successful, but the mission failed to cause different follow-up tasks and task results. Example, the task is to get you to stop those bandits who tried to sabotage the urban water supply pipeline, but you have failed in the task, after your task becomes escort who repair water pipes to the designated location.



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