Guild Wars 2 really is an amazing piece of digital art and the world oozes

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Like many players, my first experiences with Guild Wars 2 was in the beta. I remember being blown away by just how polished the game was. I tend to not be the type of player to agonize over bugged events since those are typically cleared up pretty quickly, so I loved every second. All through beta I played a Warrior and I swore my main would be a Warrior. Come August I took a week off work and for reasons I honestly can’t recall started playing a Mesmer and haven’t looked back (Feedback is just cheating, imho).

The transition from Beta to Launch was, looking back, almost seamless. There were some issues with systems not working, and man what a drag it was to not have the trading post, but unlike a lot of games that launch I never had an issue getting in game when I wanted to. No queues, no long periods of server downtime, just playing the game. I really think ArenaNet’s launch team did an amazing job of living up to their ideal of “when it’s ready” in terms of polish on the features they did include trading post not withstanding.

The issues I have with the game at this point are all solvable. The game really is an amazing piece of digital art and the world oozes with the care and affection of its crafters. The live team has stumbled some, and I think after 6 years of not having any deadlines the team is struggling to adjust to a monthly cycle. For a game this early in its lifecycle this is to be expected, but I would be lying if I said it was any less frustrating.

Iteration was the buzzword during beta, and I think with the new year we can all hopefully look forward to more iteration with the live product.ArenaNet was shown the ability to create a great world, full of amazing stories. I know I am looking forward to creating more of my own as the game grows from infancy to adolescence over the next year.

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