Guild Wars 2″ so wonderful adventure everywhere escort task

Escort duties, by definition is escorting specific people and things reach the target location or guarding accomplish something. Escort duties in most games, but are generally role to achieve a certain level, to an NPC at access task, and then complete the task, and then return to the NPC to collect a reward.

Then you have this type of escort duties without any freshness? Do you think in this way has been a bit silly? It to look at Guild Wars 2 gold, wonderful escort duties for explorers everywhere, so you surprises constantly in the the Tyria world’s adventure!

Guild Wars 2 gold, escort missions full of mystery and unknown, because the the escort task is not to a fixed NPC to pick up take, and it is dynamic triggering in Tyria World adventure.

When you address a monster on the roadside may suddenly appear a team of NPCs implore you to escort them to reach a safe area, and you do not take access to find NPC task, simply followed them, destroy them along the way appear the check, the security guard that they can reach the target location.

Escort the process, many people tend to own inadvertently lead to the NPC is blocking the kill. Over! Have to start from scratch task? Wrong! Guild Wars 2 gold, there is no such rigid set, you do not need to worry about, put aside any concerns, to wipe out the remaining blocking calm, resurrection NPC can be wiped out escort missions.

NPC arrived at their destination, the escort task done automatically, you will reap valuable rewards. But they reward you in advance and will not be known only when the moment reward into your backpack, the answer will really announced.

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