Guild Wars 2 will be an extremely great game

Guild Wars 2, following highly anticipated to Guild Wars, has not yet been released, but the fans of the series cannot wait to get their hands on it. Guild Wars 2 will be an extremely great game and developers have published a little information on what players should expect from it. Guild Wars 2 is different from most of the popular current MMORPG on the market. In this short pre-release version of Guild Wars 2 guide, you will find information Guild Wars 2 Gold on some of the basics that you should keep in mind when planning a trip in the world of Guild Wars 2.

The first thing that you will find information on the Guild Wars 2 guide is the creation of the character. You can save you time and research GW2 Gold if you made a few important characteristics related to decisions before the game is installed. There are five playable races: the Sylvaris, Norn, Charr, Asura and human. The Sylvaris are the Elves whose life revolves around all things natural. The Norns are shape changing barbarians of the icy mountains. The Charrs are a feline courageous breed. The Asuras are an underground race short of magical inventors who are intellectual giants. Human beings humans are similar to our own human race and fought many hard battles. Choose a breed that call you the most.

After choosing a race, players must decide on a profession. Professions in Guild Wars 2 are similar to classes in other MMOS. There are seven playable professions: engineer, guard, keeper, thief, necromancer, elementaliste and the Warrior. Most professions are in large part these auto-explicatif. An engineer is a master of chaos mechanical and enemies destroyed using bombs and deadly gadgets. The Prowler is a versatile master of combat Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold to distance and domestic animals. The guardian is a dedicated fighter who calls virtues to protect its allies. The thief is a master of shadows and underhand attacks. A necromancer relies on the living dead and is a master of all things dark and against nature. The canals of elementaliste the four elements in the forces of chaos and disorder. The Warrior is a fierce master of arms and heavy armor.

Now that you know the different races and professions, the next thing to go in this guide to Guild Wars 2 is the nature of the struggle. Guild Wars 2 promises to combat guild wars 2 power leveling that is in constant evolution, instinctive, fast and visually stunning. There will be no set roles in this game, and all characters will have the ability to heal, to defend, inflict damage and use the environment around them to control the battlefield to Guild Wars 2 leveling guide may be easier because you do not have to wait for a class as any other MMO healer. A more detailed description of Guild Wars 2 guide published once the game is released will be able to provide more information.

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