GW2 – Why Dynamic Levels Are Awesome

It works both ways,not only are higher levels scaled down to lower levels, but in some cases the lower levels are boosted to higher levels! This is true all the time for World vs. World combat, where players, regardless of level, had their stats boosted to that of a level 80. This leads us on to the next major benefit.

Guild Wars 2 implements a very dynamic level system, which grants a lot of awesome benefits to the game for both newer players, as well as more experienced ones. Let’s take a look at what makes the dynamic levels so great! After, we’re going to look at some notes that you will want to keep in mind when utilizing the system.

Events can include everyone,rather than having to make multiple events for various level brackets, greatly reducing the amount of content for Guild Wars 2 Gold players, everyone is able to take part in the same things.How amazing it is!Just play it now!

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