How do players in Forza Horizon 4 view Playground Games Update?

Forza Horizon 4 has recently undergone a new upgrade. According to official news, the upgrade to Playground Games is as follows:

Playground Games
Get to Mortimer Gardens in the miniscule BMW Isetta and make a big showing to win the Legendary 2014 Volkswagen GRC Beetle.

Compared to the last update, the players’ responses are obviously different. Some players are dissatisfied with the previously awarded vehicle Bone Shaker. The reason is Alongside LS swaps to incompatible chassis and an unbalanced Shelby Daytona this is the main reason why A class Racing has gone from very enjoyable to very infuriating. And said that they will literally kill diversity in all game modes if they reintroduce this car as a reward and don’t nerf it in some way.

Some players feel that the more on-site services that PG adds, the less fun the game has. Some players think that the most correct thing they do is to update and fix the multiplayer game. Some questions and troubles about multiplayer games, we introduced in another article, although the original intention of this project is good, but It was not perfect before.

However, some players say “i don’t really care about the Mosler being common now. hell, i want people to experience the sheer joy and power of this car. if PG had gifted this on their own terms rather than because people cried to They about how “hard” it is to get, this wouldn’t be an issue.”


Because different players have different understandings of the game, some complain that it is too difficult, while others complain that it is too easy, so it seems that how to do it is wrong, how to meet the requirements of most players, really let PG broke his brain. If you always explore houses and maps online or participate in competitions to earn Credits, it is too boring.

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