How to Make Full Use of Maintenance Method to Earn FIFA 15 Coins

fifa 15 coins guide

To make full use of the maintenance method, you should still keep reading more and learn how to optimize it. In the following article, you will learn how to choose the right time to bid, which would be very important, even more than using the filters.

The method is mainly based on to be the last one to bid the items before the outage or maintenance. Here are several precautions you should know as they are definitely important.

Don’t keep waiting till the last few seconds to bid. Do this 20 minutes before the maintenance started. You’ll need some time to do the search for the cards which interest you. As the maintenance was approaching, there would be less time so the other people couldn’t overcome all of your bids. The success chance will exponentially increase. Book the period for targets you thought to be most important. Once you wanted to benefit most from the method, you could make preparatory work just before you started to bid, taking note of some potential targets as well as their normal prices in FIFA ultimate team.

Using the watch list, which might be one of the most valuable advices I could give you. About 3 minute before the outage start, when you’ve bid plenty of items already, exit the AH and focus on the watch list only. You could ensure higher success chance in this way as you can quickly identify the bids that had been overcome. Bid until the maintenance start. Most of the time, it delays about 10 minutes in FIFA ultimate team.

Benefit most from the entire maintenance period. Generally, the maintenances will last for several hours. The majority of bidding happens in the last few hours that those cards are up for auction. It is a wise move that bid for the cards with over 1 hour for auction expired and less than maintenance’s scheduled duration. The chance of being exceeded will be extremely low. We would suggest that once you find some good deals, you’d better bid the cards which would expire in several minutes after the maintenance ends. During the first moment, the quantity of gamers in market is really low.

Using this method will be dependent on maintenances’ performance and it is somehow a little difficult to know when maintenance will be. However, the FIFA 15 coins profit are so huge and the time you invested in will bring multiple the effects you put in. So it is strongly recommend using this method to make FIFA coins. It’s one of the most effective methods to make FIFA coins. Beside the time you could invest for nothing, and that shouldn’t exceed an hour, there will be nothing you would lose in the method but only to win.

There isn’t any other method could ensure so many FIFA 15 coins quickly. The more budget you have, the more FIFA 15 coins you will gain.

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