Impacted the entire game

While you may not notice it due to our ability to change certain settings with no downtime, we will definitely be working diligently behind the scenes doing whatever we can to ensure you can enjoy the Beta Weekend Event as much as possible.before we go away for another month to get ready for launch.

As I mentioned, we’ve been able to greatly increase the maximum player capacity for each server. We’ve been able to do this partially because we’ve opened up a number of new playable areas with the addition of the sylvari and asura as playable characters. We expect that we will increase our capacity again when we launch and the rest of the game areas will be available. There have also been several general technical improvements made by our incredibly talented programming team that have positively impacted the entire game and let us raise our world population limit even higher.

Many of you may remember our blog post prior to BWE2 that mentioned how we had acquired a ton of new servers in order to support the number of players we expected.

As our esteemed Lead Server Programmer Dr. Stephen Clarke-Willson put it recently, “Quite frankly, we made too many worlds for BWE2 just because we could and not because we should, and thus we had a lot of low population worlds. This time around we’re focusing our new CPU horsepower into fewer, more populated worlds.”

Don’t worry, we’ll be closely monitoring our world populations this weekend and can quickly launch new worlds as needed should problems arise with our new population limits. Our server tech is now able to raise or lower population caps with some very simple changes that don’t require us to take the game down. This lets us adjust world populations based on how the servers react and you won’t even have to leave the game!

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