Many Main Rules And Tricks For The Madden NFL 18: Enjoy It

For many blind players, it’s good news is that Madden 18 update help them enjoy the game. The update comes with a bunch of amazing content, it’s incredibly awesome that more players can enjoy Madden NFL 18 now. According to Electronic Arts’ Karen Stevens, he elaborated related details and tips.

Madden NFL 18

Defense Rules
Your job is to block offense players and tackle the ball carrier. The players will all move automatically if you avoid hitting a stick. Press A if you feel a rumble to engage an offense player or tackle the ball carrier.

Press A/X to pick suggested play. Press A/X again to snap the ball (passes it to the quarterback so he can make a play). When you snap the ball, you will feel one short rumble for run plays, and one long rumble for passing plays.

Fake Punt Plays
Rarely suggested, fake punt plays are actually run/pass plays, but attempt to trick the other team into thinking it is a punt play. The kick meter rules apply, but the ball will not be kicked. Immediately after the kick meter rumbles, you will feel a long rumble for pass plays and short rumble for run plays. See the descriptions? To get more information through here.

Ball Carrier Rules
If you do not touch the stick, the player will automatically try to avoid players and run towards the end zone. If you wish to steer, use left stick, and keep heading “up” to move towards the goal. If you feel rumbles, that means an opponent is trying to tackle you – B/Circle to try to spin away from opponents, or use X/Square to try to dive with the ball for more yards.

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