MU Legend: You Will Have New Stuff To Explore In The Global OBT


It can be said that the Global Open Beta Test of MU Legend is coming, and on top of that, this Global OBT will include new and as-yet unseen features for the game. Consequently, even if you have been comfortably playing in the game’s twice Closed Beta, in the new Global OBT, and you will also have new stuff to explore.

MU Legend

Speaking of the Closed Beta Test for the game, it seemingly has been undergone for a while. The Global OBT: the magical time when a game is available for everyone to play at all times. It’s glad to know that the MU Legend hits Global Open Beta Test in September. With the start of the Open Beta Test, all gamers around the world will be able to push through the gates of the continent of MU. Hence, gamers strives to buy MU Legend Zen & MU Legend Power Leveling.

The Open Beta of MU Legend will be available in six languages, including German and English. Richard Moon from Webzen is looking forward to the test phase: “After the official launch of the Korean version, we are glad to share this news with the global audience.” It is a great milestone for the team, finally the status of Open Beta to reach.

This action hack and slash action MMORPG developed using Unreal Engine 3 features amazing visuals and fluid combat. It utilizes thrid-person and isometric view and offers several PvP modes along with an interesting story. MU Legend is a free to play title in which gamers will get to choose one among four different classes as they fight in the endless conflict between the different races in the world of MU. Further information on MU Legend and its games, recommend view more here.

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