NBA 2K17: Phoenix Suns And Philadelphia 76ers

According to all signs, it’s clearly indicate that the Philadelphia 76ers and Phoenix Suns being included in this week’s round of NBA 2K17 Throwback Thursday packs. the NBA 2K17 MyTeam Twitter account dropped this hint in Earlier today. many players are preoccupied with buying cheap NBA 2K17 MT without any delay. and you?


“The name of both teams’ cities starts with the same letter — and both collections include fathers of NBA players (one currently active).”

Two other hints followed. The first one said that Team A has had two players who would eventually go on to coach the franchise. Meanwhile, Team B has two players who have played for the franchise multiple times.

The second hint said that Team A has a player whose nickname shares a “strange connection” with a new movie. Meanwhile, Team B has a player known for “bringing the thunder.”

The latter is easily the most telling sign that the packs will feature the Sixers and Suns. The “strange connection” being referred to is undoubtedly Dr. Strange, Marvel’s latest film– which hits theatres tomorrow. In the NBA, there’s only one doctor that 2K could be referring to: Dr. J himself, Julius Erving. As for the player who “brought the thunder,” that is definitely former Phoenix Suns forward “Thunder” Dan Majerle.

During his storied NBA career, Erving played for both the Sixers and New York Nets, however, speaking of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat, Majerle also had stints with them. But, regarding both citys shared the same the first letter, and a tips point to Phily as well as Phoenix getting the nod. Real cheap Virtual Currency for sale such as cheap NBA 2K17 MT for sale.

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