Old School Runescape Votes Come to an end

Since the poll starts to vote for Runescape Gold servers, there are a months past and there has been two weeks since this server comes into use. Finally, the poll comes into an end with 449351 votes from runescape fans that buy a runescape account and paid monthly for membership fee.

Many runescape players are enjoying the enthusiasm and goodwill from runescape community from the start of the poll. A super passionate group of runescapers show their nostalgic recall for the Old School game play.

Jagex has decided not to charge the additional 5 dollar membership fee for at least in the following half a year, since Jagex is dedicating to make a goodwill and an aspiration for the newly Old School runescape to have a flourish and grow fast.

Thanks to many members that buy RS 2007 Gold to join the voting to help out their friends, we have witness a great enthusiasm for the service and a positive start.

Jagex need to know how many players will use the service regularly now that the Old School Runescape has worked for two weeks. The community should continue to grow and welcome players who are not familiar with how to buy a runescape account to join the service. A free benefit goes to all cherished members with a paid runescape account. An additional decrease of five dollars membership fee for the next six months will be given as rewards to enjoy this new service of Runescape.

Besides, there will be a small development team joining to Old School Runescape in order to be available to work on tweaks and changes to the RS, fix any issues that crop up. Jagex will remain devoting to making this new service an exclusively great community service. Dona’t worry any change will be made till get support from runescape players whoever have a paid runescape account or not. If it can get votes from most of the RS gamers with runescape accounts, it will be added to the new service.

There will be some regular polls for the development of the Old School community, which can make decisions whether it should have some changes or not a few weeks later. Just need to list the discussions on the Old School Feedback forum.

Moreover, Jagex will continue to committing to adding anti-bot technology into Runescape 2007 Gold so you should not need to worry about cheats, botters or gold farmers that happened frequently in the past.

At last, congratulations! With playersa’ noticeable enthusiasm and support, Old School RuneScape servers have been brought back.

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