Path Of Exile: The Bestiary Update Released On March 3 On PC

A new update to the Free2Play role-playing game Path of Exile makes you a hunter: the Bestiary update (3.2.0), released on March 3 for PC, is primarily about capturing beasts used to craft valuable items can be. The free update also appears for the Xbox One, but a week later.

The gritty online action RPG Path of Exile from indie developer Grinding Gear Games is not stingy with new DLCs or upgrades that should make the free monster hunt even more fun. In addition to the Ascendancy extension and the DLCs “War for the Atlas” and “The Fall of Oriath”, which further expand the Hack’n’Slay adventure, the Bestiary update is now released. Not only does this come with fresh hunting features, it also offers plenty of new items, revamped ascetic classes, and two new paid support packages. In the Bestiary Challenge League, monster hunter Einhard Frey teaches you how to capture and sacrifice beasts so they can craft powerful items from their components.

Captured monsters can be held in the new Menagerie until they are ready for sacrifice on the Blood Altar. Once you gain more experience, you can also capture rare legendary beasts. Such are entered into the extended bestiary, which classifies all wild animals in the game world Wraeclast. In addition, through the Spirit Beasts, you can enter a spirit world where you battle Spirit Beasts. In addition, the content update includes three new gems, another quest, and ten prophecy cards. From March 3rd, the package can be downloaded for PC. Xbox One players have to wait another week longer.

All new contents of the Bestiary update have been summarized in a video by the developers of Grinding Gear Games.

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