Player-vs-player in GW2 combat

Player-vs-player combat is possible anytime and anywhere in the Jianghu, the game world of Age of Wulin, and only restricted when it comes to completely new characters: Only new players and characters, who haven’t completed the introductory tutorial and joined a sect yet, are protected to not get attacked. Other than that, everything is possible, and players can freely enjoy PvP battles.
Players can even unlock in-game achievements for PvP successes. These achievements will not only earn them rewards, but can also be shown off in the game-internal social network system, that allows players to interact with their friends and enemies also when their characters are not nearby.
Through this system, players can also grant bounties on the heads of other players – for example when they want other players to help them taking revenge.

Attacking other players obviously is a crime – but in the open gaming world of the medieval Jianghu of Age of Wulin, there isn’t a police system that works country-wide. Only local authorities can try to hunt down criminals (or players, who signed up for constable duties), and mostly, guards and policemen will be found in cities.
Still, players with an extensive crime record might end up in a penitentiary, and will have to spend their prison time online. Bribing wardens, or, in some cases, doing good by raising money for charity might help to get free from jail earlier.

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