Regarding Albion Online News: Until Now No Release In 2016

Many of Ablion players are waiting for its coming. Albion online is about to remain in beta for quite some time, regarding its release shifts to 2017. During the time, you can buy albion online silver.


Studio boss Stefan? Bercilak “Wiezorek has turned to a post to fans of Albion Online and announced that the beta will be extended to 2017.

Some had hoped that the game will still be live in 2016. But this does not mean anything. It would have also found it great to be able to start still in 2016. But an early start does not ultimately help any and is on the contrary the reason that, in principle, large MMORPG did not last long.

For Albion Online Final Beta edition, its aim to achieve a long-term success. Within 5 years, the games should still work. Hence, with respect to its detailed beta is indispensable. Until in February or March 2017, a beta-Wipe is planned. Suppose that it all works, there’s nothing left in the way of a release. It’s pleased to know that cheap albion online silver for sale.

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