Some albion online guide And The choice of weapons

Take note of that we are talking primarily of archetypes as well as not class itself. Due to Albion Online is a game of sandbox, where you are free to alternative your destiny. Of course, regarding games alternative is so many, in that end, this guide is mainly designed to present some doors to open. Nonetheless, it will be satisfied with you and result in making your sauce to get a result. Are you ready for buy albion online silver?


The principle of Albion Online that the more you use a particular type of object, the more you develop your level with it. Your character will in all likelihood competent in many areas. Bonuses are often offset from each other. For example, wear plate armor offers the best protection, while a little cloth protects you. The downside is that the plates give you very little bonus, unlike the fabric.

If we really speak of class, it is primarily the weapon you wear determine who: dagger – assassin, arc – archer, etc.

The choice of weapons

We have already approached the branches of the fate of the panel in a separate guide, but be aware that there are three branches of armor, and it is through these that we will discuss the different weapons in this guide archetypes Albion Online “class”:

branch fabric
→ stick fire damage over time
→ Support esoteric stick shield damage increase
→ Support divine stick, care at a target
→ stick frost damage, slowing zone
Stick wizard → Damage over time and debuff
Book → Bonus casting speed or power or mana boost

leather branch
Arc → Damage
Lance → damage, attack speed and oppression of the enemy
→ Support stick kind, zone Care
→ Dagger Damage, assault on a target, critical hits
→ Support long stick, area bump
→ torch utility Bonus (attack speed or reduced skill cooldown or power critical hit)

branch plaque
Sword Damage →
→ ax Damage
Crossbow Damage →
→ Mass Tank, allows silent enemy
→ Hammer Tank, allows knockdown
→ additional shield tanking Bonus

tank side, open PvP, prefer heavy armor with a mace or hammer and a shield. This will enable it to absorb a large amount of damage while being even more valuable to his team via silent / knock. Once in skirmish or GvG, a tank will rather wear leather with a more focused damage weapon without forgetting crowd control. This can especially be done with a long stick. Don’t missing cheapest albion online silver.

The damage focused fighter will focus on him a weapon for the attack speed bonus as a spear or sword, to bludgeon opponents more shots to make them flinch quickly and thus win.

A treatment medium appreciate a kind stick to be able to take care of many adventurers. His armor fabric will strengthen the power of care and also its mana regeneration in order to be sustainable in the fight. Of course, it is possible to favor the care of a target at a time; prefer the divine stick to that time: even ten people against him, your ally will not die under the blessing of your divine stick.

When face to mages oriented instead of damage will always choose the weave of fabric, in particular, on selected to combine movement and power skills. With combination is very significant to be able to swing your damage as well as escape if you come to resent your life. Suppose that you were angrily. and it would happend quickly, you are considering your damage as well as the title resistance that you’ll have done your armor class. You are wondering get cheap albion online gold.

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