The activity to make toy only appear once in a year

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The activity to make toy only appear once in a year. There are many first visitors and repeat customers to place order from to replenish their inventory because most of them clearly know that it is a golden chance to make toys in a year, and they don’t want to let it pass by.Actually, this is a good way to communicate with guildmates or other Guild Wars 2 players in the game and in players forums. When we share our happiness with others, we attain self-affirmation as return.

The mobs attack from both ends, as shown by the arrows. Each side is attacked by two waves of mobs, so you have to attend to left and right sides at the same time. When you fight to the mobs in place one, you should look back and observe whether there are mobs planning to attack place two or not. If you find targets, them move forward to attack and defeat them, and then turn back to place one to wait for the mobs dying, and then retrace to get your loot. Picture below shows the Event One: Protect the Lapatl Chiefatain from the undead.

Recently, there are a great deal of toys and dolls in Tyria, and from now on, all players can play with Tixx in Lion’s Arch. He will stay there until the end of Jan.3, 2013. Just grasp the opportunity to make toys, and take some photos as memorial. Princess is the most favorable toy among all the toys, and I present you a screenshot in the last post, you can have a look. It is need much GW2 Gold when we make toys for its expensive materials, but it doesnt’t matter.

At first, you need to change your skill into AOE so that to attack more mobs per attack. Next, you should spare enough empty grids, or your package will be filled with this and that stuff in a very short time. There are two successive events in this map. Each event you performed, you can get a certain experience points and Guild Wars 2 Gold. You should pay attention to this event.

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