Do You Want to Play Guild Wars 2 Gold ?

Maybe you know how the game works and just need an opinion between your options, jump down to the section entitled “I only want to buy one chapter”. Otherwise, before deciding what version of Guild Wars 2 Gold to buy, there are some important things you need to Guild Wars 2 is completely online. You must be connected to the internet to play Guild Wars 2 Gold. The game will not even load if it can not sense an internet connection.Each Guild Wars 2 chapter purchased is free to use and play. There are no periodic subscription charges.

Guild Wars 2 accounts are not allowed to be sold by their original owner.Guild Wars 2 GOLD. All purchases should be new units from stores. Using eBay and other such methods to gain an account is forbidden, and may result in your newly acquired account being banned for illegal activity! What is with this Chapter business? Is not Guild Wars 2 just one game?There are multiple “chapters” in Guild Wars 2 Gold. A new chapter is released every six months, and each includes entirely separate lands to explore, missions to complete, and skills to learn. Your game account consists of a series of access keys that determine what chapters you have purchased, and thus what lands you can access.

You only need one chapter to play Guild Wars 2 Gold, as each is a “stand-alone” game, much like movies like Star Wars and Return of the Jedi can be enjoyed on their own. At the same time, much like the movie series, owning and playing through multiple chapters is more rewarding than owning only one.The terminology can be a bit confusing.Guild Wars 2 GOLD. At first, the game was released in a box simply entitled “Guild Wars 2”. When the second chapter was released a year later entitled “Guild Wars 2: Factions”, the game designers decided that allchapters should have a subtitle, including the original release. They renamed the original chapter :Guild Wars 2: Prophecies”.

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