The final guildwars2 boss

After the opening cut scene ends, where a row of chained humans are thrown into the lava below, you are quickly attacked by several waves of Grawl forces. First and foremost, this is the hardest part of the entire fractal.  If you’re running a squishy build be prepared to move quickly and avoid the flaming fire of Grawl Shamans. As a player considered ‘glass cannon’, this part (even with the best armour in the game) is tough and will see me die several times.  Its worth taking defensive skills to reduce the possibility of dying or becoming downed.  After you’ve defeated the waves of Grawl the only route to available is being blocked by flaming boulders.

The final boss of the Volcanic Fractal is a transformed version of the Champion Shaman you fought earlier.  Rather than him walking, he is now flying around the central island, surrounded by lava.  When you step onto the island, you and all party members will be effected by a debuff which remains for the entire duration of the encounter.  The debuff causes burning if you standstill, meaning you and your entire party should continue to run around the shaman at all times, whether in melee or from range.  You should also be aware that there are pools of lava that litter the island floor (which also cause Agony at higher levels), so be sure to avoid them as they also cause burning.

At intervals of 25% health, the shaman will once again surround himself with a shield and will begin to move towards more captives on the edges of the island.  Once surrounded by the shield, the shaman will also summon Lava Elemental Grubs which die relatively quickly, that are incredibly useful for rallying off. With his shield activated you should quickly attack him to break it, with condition and haste skills proving incredibly effective here as the shield protects against individual strikes.  The only attack from the shaman you should be aware of his aerial bombardment (what I would describe as a series of flame-type rockets) and his explosive aerial stomp (he remains stationary, flies up and then swoops down for huge damage).  If you can avoid both of these, the encounter is little more than a tank-and-spank.

Please note that this guide covers all encounters and fractal difficulty changes up to level 10 only.  This guide will be updated based on the author taking part in higher difficulty levels and will be expanded to include achievements.

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