The issues on Xbox One and 360 in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

“We are aimed to move as fast as possible in order to deal with an issue for the Xbox One and the Xbox 360 versions of FIFA 15 ” says the development team of EA Sports, where FIFA 15 Coins was been created. The issues mainly prevent gamers to assign items after winning a match.

The official Twitter account of the studio is not offering any information on how long the problem has been present or how many players of the football sim are currently affected.

EA Sports is also not saying how long it will take to find the cause of the Ultimate Team item problem and whether any sort of compensation is being planned for those who are currently dealing with it.

issues, FIFA 15


The timing of the new issue could not be worse as the fan community is eagerly awaiting to get access to the new Team of the Week package, which gives gamers access to a range of players who have performed well during the previous week, including Luis Suarez from Barcelona.

Traditionally, the number of matches also goes up for Ultimate Team on Wednesday and EA Sports will try to make sure that the mode is not affected by any issue quickly.

The Ultimate Team transfer market now features the Price Range concept

Earlier in the week, the development team at EA Sports has introduced an entirely new system or the transfer market of Ultimate Team, called Prince Range, which, as the name implies, means that every listed item has a minimum and a maximum cost point.

They are determined by the developers based on factors that have not been disclosed and gamers will no longer be able to use the classic open bid.

issues, FIFA 15


EA Sports says that the change will make sure that the playing field in Ultimate Team is more level and that in the long term all members of the community will be able to get access to high-rated players like Luis Suarez.

Feedback from gamers is expected and the studio says that it will try to tweak the price ranges in the coming weeks to make sure that it is encouraging more players to be engaged in trading in the overall Ultimate Team experience.

Are you prevented by these issues? What’s your feeling? Be angry or forgiveness?

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