The problem with the story isn’t the fact

The problem with the story isn’t the fact that they had to give credit of slaying Zhaitan to another lore character.
The problem is that that they did it in the worst possible way.

The existence of Trahearne just isn’t necessary. There were way better candidates for doing everything he achieved by a character or characters who actually makes more sense.

Let me explain why.
The pact doesn’t need a marshal to begin with. It could very easily be 3 completely autonomous orders fighting for same goal with an agreement of co-belligerence as every order already has a leader to begin with.
Every order gets attacked by Zhaitan at one point + the claw island incident, after that the threat should be enough to motivate all 3 sides to sign at least a co-belligerence pact, if not a even an alliance.
You could still shovel everybody to Orr AND your order would still maintain its identity, as it’s still being led by it’s original leader. (not to mention the focus of the personal story could still be kept on you)
Now to the next point. Cheap GW2 Gold.
The cleansing of Orr
It could have been easily done with Destiny’s Edge and it would have made more sense in lore standpoint.
Well known band of heroes, introduced to every player at very early stage in posession of not 1, but 2 Legendary human swords having divine power in them performing the cleansing of Orr, a human holy land?

Absolutely no reason to invent a new character to perform this as the Destiny’s Edge is quite clearly the more sensible choice.
Why does Trahearne exist? The only real qualifications he has is to become an advisor and even then there are people who have studied the subject longer than his entire race has existed.Guild Wars 2 Gold.

There simply is no other reason for the existence of Trahearne, except the fact that somebody fell in love with their own character so much that he thought “You know what? screw the other characters, this is about this guy now.” They literally shove him to your face and expect you to think that he is the next best thing since sex, despite never been given a single reason to like the person.
The real kick in the teeth is the fact that every NPC constantly praises him like he is some sort of holy man and how with him they finally have a chance. Completely disregarding the fact that whenever he goes to fight ANY enemy 1 on 1, he dies.

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