The scavenger hunt is a lot of fun for you to figure out yourself in Guild Wars 2

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The scavenger hunt takes no time and is a lot of fun for you to figure out yourself. One candy corn is enough to scan each frequency once and if someone uncovers the ghost then it is uncovered for everyone, so you may not even need to use much of your candy corn. You’ll get some candy corn to start with (actually you’ll get a Personalized Trick-or-Treat Bag which will contain one plus some random goodies), but let’s do a quick rundown of candy corn sources in case you run out.

There are spoilers ahead, although we try to avoid going too in-depth to keep some of the fun of the event alive. If you’re wanting to do it without the spoilers, but need a simple hint to get started, look at the hints given on each of the pages that you recover. They explain the locations in the form of a riddle.  Each page will give hints on how to locate the others.

A very easy one, go to the Delanian Waypoint in Kessex Hills and go to the north side of the hill to the north and follow the path. Use Scan Corporeal Field in order to get the next mad memoires.

This one can be difficult and at times you may be able to solo it or you may need some friends. If no one is around and the Champion Spider is up, just wait around for a few other players to come. Go to the Provern Shore waypoint in Gendarran Fields and walk west. There is now a crypt call the Provernic Crypt. It has three parts to it. The first are simple flame and spike traps that you’ll need to dodge roll through.

The second is a larger room with spike traps, pressure plates, and boulders. You’ll need to put boulders on the two pressure plates to open the door. In the third room there is a Grand Chest and in a nook in the corner of the room you can Scan Gaseous Field to unveil Faren and get your last part of the scavenger hunt.Return to Tassi in Lion’s Arch to receive your reward, Mad Memoires, congratulations on completing Act 1! Now continue to to Act 2!

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