The scholar divided into Elementalist cheap gw2 gold

About the generally skill and elite skill, the healing and blink is the necessary. If there is a strong partner in our group, I will choose Moa Morph. Usually, I would like to choose Time Warp.
The operation of this build is clearly. Due to the GW2 depends on the weapon to determine the skills, and the limited weapon result in the operation easy and convenient.

In the GW2, the scholar divided into Elementalist cheap gw2 gold, Mesmer and Necromancer which I think the Mesmer is the subversion of the design. Now, I would like to talk about you the experience of Mesmer in the PVP. Unfortunately, I have never farm a legendary Guild Wars 2 gear. While, I have to make small business in the Auction House, and get enough GW2 Gold to buy what I need.

As you see, my mesmer arm with the Sword + Pistol. First, I will release Magic Bullet, then Phantasmal and Illusionary Leap. If the opponents movement slowly, I will use the Blurred Frenzy right now to release the high damage. After the enemy come to life, I will roll back and close to the enemy to release the swap. At this time, the enemy would pester me that I will change the weapon right now. To use the Phase Retreat far away form enemy again. If the teammates has controlled the opponent, I will use the Chaos Storm to make the enemies condition. As for the Chaos Armor, Winds of Chaos and Phantasmal Warlock, you can according to the reality situation to release all the damage.

In the traditionally MMO, the position of Mesmer in the team is DPS. You should keep long distance with the monsters and release the skills to reduce the movement speed of enemy. Meanwhile, release a protective skill to protect yourself away from the damage. The most important thing is that you should release the high damage skills with a reasonable rhythm timely. In the Guild Wars 2, the developers changed the single set. Through the equipment, runes and traits you can change your power random.

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