The Start Date Of The Open Beta Of MU Legend Is Not Yet Finalized

Gamers have a wide array of choices, whether the game or the supplier of the game. Nevertheless, you have to keep an eye on the game, called “MU Legend”. When it comes to MU Legend, gamers first think of buying MU Legend Zen and MU Legend Power Leveling from U4GM. More news, cheaper zen, better service.

MU Legend

For the global markets, the MU Legend team is currently working on localization implementation, bringing English, German, French, Polish, Spanish and Brazilian-Portuguese to players. The start date of the open beta for the global version is not yet finalized, but Webzen will announce the schedule in the coming weeks.

In MU Legend, we find the base of the previous MMO enriched on one side hack and slash important. The PvE is galore and mobs by hundreds. The game also offers numerous dungeons as well as PvP modes. The studio Webzen known for the title MU Origin and its declensions, expected to continue to surf the wave. It is therefore to MU Legend that this role comes back and for that, some notable changes are appearing.

The MMO has four playable classes for the moment: War Mage, Blader, Dark Lord and Whisperer, although others are planned soon. MU Legend will be released in localized version and more new content will be released in the coming months, especially for its Global Open Beta Test related news, at present, the test is scheduled to open in September. Continue reading to learn more, click here to official website.

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