The Wayfarer Foothills in Guild Wars 2

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The Wayfarer Foothills, the starting zone for norn players, has a total of ten vistas for the hardy player to discover. The terrain of the Wayfarer Foothills ranges from deep forest to the frigid mountain heights. A player will know the number of vistas by looking at the loading screen when entering a zone or at any time in the map legend for that area. A vista is identified on maps (you open a map by hitting the [M] key) with two red triangles

The vista in the Wayfarer Foothills lies on top a cliff to the east of Twinspur Haven, which itself lies south of the Icesteppes. To get to this vista, you’ll have to run up the stairs in Twinspur Haven that lie against the northern wall and go up towards the east. At the top of the stairs, hop over the wall onto the cliff and keep heading up eastwards to the vista. Nothing to it!

The vista found within the Wayfarer Foothills is located at the Wurmhowl Spikes. This vista lies on top of a cliff and, to reach it, the player needs to go up the path found at the southwest part of the cliff. Go up the path and head north to the vista. One word of warning! This area is also a camp for the Sons of Svanir and you’ll have to fight some of them on your journey.Once you get past the small camp, you’ll have to contend with some eagle griffons that lurk in the area around the vista.

The vista in the Wayfarer Foothills is located south of Svanir’s Dome. The vista is located at the top of a tower, which happens to be part of a large settlement of the Sons of Svanir. There are a lot of bad guys to beat down to reach your objective. If you’re lucky, you’ll show up while some dynamic events are occurring where the good guys are attempting to capture the towers in the area from the Sons of Svanir.

When you reach the tower, go inside and run up the ramps to the very top. Once you’re at the top, hop over the railing and walk out on the timber that has the vista at the very end. When you’re done with the movie, carefully turn around and go back into the tower. It’s a long way to fall if you step off the timber.

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