They do offer other benefits to the Guild Wars 2 player

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While watching the cinematic cutscenes are a treat in of themselves, they do offer other benefits to the Guild Wars 2 player. Vistas count towards the completion total of both the local zone and the world and the player also gains xp when they interact (“discover”) with a vista for the first time.

Overall, the vistas found in the Kessex Hills are relatively easy to get to and do not require a ton of diabolical jumping around. Now get out there and enjoy those lush cinematics.The vista in the Kessex Hills is in the Giant’s Passage area of the zone. This vista is located high on a mountain, but getting to it is pretty easy. To reach the vista, you’ll have to start going up the mountain from the far north.

The point you’re looking for is where the road bends on the southeast side of the Earthworks Bluff. Just keep going up the mountain, staying towards the right, and you’ll run right into the vista. There are a number of bandits on the trail where you first start heading up and later on, there will be a cave of ettins on your left. Just stay away from the ettins and hug towards the right (the north) side of the mountain and you’ll be fine.

The vista in Kessex Hills can be found at the Quarryside point of interest. This vista is pretty easy to get to but does require a little bit of jumping. To reach the vista, go up the ramp inside the quarry until you can see the vista. You’ll see a walkway on your left that you can jump onto. Run along the walkway until you come to a series of jumps. Make the jumps from platform to platform (they’re all on the same level) and then run up to the vista.

The vista in the Kessex Hills can be found at Fort Salma. To reach this vista, you’ll have to run up the ramp to the walkway on top of the wall. Follow the walkway until you reach the vista. You’ll have to hop over a small wall to walk out on the ledge where the vista is located.

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