This fight can be tough in the beginning

This fight can be tough in the beginning, but when you break it down into its different parts it’s a lot easier!

  • Growing Corruption – this is a ground AoE. Simply stay out of it (it’s green gas)
  • Rotary Assault Cannon – this is a channeled skill that creates an AoE bubble, chasing a target. This will do massive damage if anyone steps in it, so avoid it at all costs
  • Deploy Charges – this lays charges on the ground. There are essentially three types: Unarmed, Shielded and Explosive. Unarmed does no damage but will eventually turn into one of the other two types. Shielded and Explosive both do damage. The only ones you can destroy with attacks are Unarmed and Explosive. Shielded can be destroyed by running into it (it will do damage but it can be healed)
  • Get Shot – if this isn’t interrupted, it will launch a ground AoE that you will have to work on avoiding. It’s best to just interrupt it to keep this from becoming a problem
  • Incendiary Shot – this will put a DoT on a player that needs to be cleansed

What this battle breaks down to is keeping out of the assault cannon, taking down mines as they spawn (although if DPS is high enough your group can work out a path to take so that you can ignore the mines), interrupting Get Shot and cleansing Incendiary Shot. Once you’ve got this down, the battle becomes pretty easy!

This boss has the following skills to be aware of:

  • Missile Volley – this is an AoE that creates a bubble around each player. It is important that everyone keep enough distance so as to not get into someone else’s bubble, as doing so will cause both players to take significantly more damage. This just has to be healed through
  • Electromagnetic Burst – this is preceded by the boss pulling the group in to him. As soon as you land, get away from him as he’ll be creating an explosion where he stands. After this you will see the emote “Locomotive Bulwark lets his guard down as he gathers energy.” At this point, he’ll be inactive and will take increased damage

The plan behind this battle should be to save hard-hitting skills that have cooldowns for when he breaks down. The damage he takes at this point is massive and you can significantly speed up the kill by doing so.

This boss has a three special skills, all of which are avoidable. This battle is made significantly easier with more interrupts available, but it’s also possible to do it without. The skills are as follows:

  • Dark Pool and Mark of Death – these are ground-targeted AoE’s. They can both be interrupted, but sometimes the boss will use a few of them in a row
  • Darkness Eruption – this is preceded by the text “(Name) has drawn the attention of UV-315!” When this happens, the boss will teleport behind the player named and will start charging up for a frontal cone attack. Simply move off to the sides or behind the boss to avoid this

The normal attacks the boss does hit pretty hard as well, so some tanks find it easier to kite him around the room. This will depend on the group though.

Golem Foundry is a dungeon designed for players level 56 to 60. This dungeon is interesting in that it all takes place in a pretty small area, so there’s not a lot of exploring to do within. It also results in there being far less trash mobs than most other dungeons, making this somewhat quick to get completed. Due to the lack of real exploration in this dungeon, the map below has been left un-marked (almost all the bosses spawn at the exact same spot).

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